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Toni is the in-house mountain biker at the hotel. He’s the expert with the know-how. As a certified MTB guide, host Toni Überbacher plans and conducts the MTB tours himself. Toni shares a lot of great tips and information about safety and knows many trails which won’t be found on any maps.
MTB guide Toni Überbacher

My goal is to create the ideal tour programme for every mountain biker.

“My goal is to create the ideal tour programme (LINK Tours) for every mountain biker. First, I try to understand what you as a mountain biker want, your skills and endurance level; then I choose the right route. As a trained bike guide, I accompany nearly everyone on the tours and guide the group to their destination in a responsible manner”.

With professional courses, riding technique camps, and great events in a small exclusive setting, Toni Überbacher highlights the competence of his hotel as one of the top accommodations for mountain bikers in South Tyrol.
Trainings with professional bikers and technique-camps
With professional training routes, technique-camps and top events in a select setting and with a limited number of participants, Toni Überbacher epitomises the well-earned reputation of his hotel as one of the top destinations for mountain bikers in South Tyrol. Our guests usually do not chase after records, but rely on common experience, comfort, companionship and on enjoying an experience among the Dolomites in an unique landscape. As a member of "Bike Hotels" you can rely on our quality guarantee.

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