Hotel Jonathan

Good to know

General information

  • Room will be available from 3pm on day of arrival. Please inform us in good time if you intend to arrive after 6pm.
  • On day of departure, please vacate your room by 10am.
  • In addition to cash we also accept traveller’s cheques as well as credit cards.
  • Unfortunately we do not allow domestic animals into our hotel.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in our hotel including guestrooms.
  • In the interests of our guests, we do not allow any undue noise after 11pm that would disturb sleep.
Deposit and booking

Please note: We cannot confirm your reservation until we have received your deposit.

To fix your room reservation we ask for a deposit of 30% of the booking price by crossed cheque, bank transfer or by Internet: “Click to pay“.

We are not responsible for any costs these transitions may incur.
Family package at Hotel Jonathan

Fixed daily prices for children accommodated in parents’ room (2 full-paying adults)

  • Children up to 2nd birthday
    € 20 per day
  • Children from 3 to 5
    70% Discount on adult price
  • Children from 6 to 12
    55% Discount on adult price
  • Children from 13 to 17
    40% Discount on adult price
Municipal tourist tax
Additional municipal tourist tax: € 2.80 per person, per day for guests 14 years old and over. This tax must be paid at the hotel.
Animals are not allowed

Sorry, we do not accept pets at the Hotel Jonathan

We want to make your stay with us at the Hotel Jonathan as pleasant as possible. Specially for guests with pet hair allergies we guarantee a maximum of hygiene. That's why we decided a few years ago that the Jonathan should be a dog and pet-free hotel. This means that we take care for people with animal hair allergies, and also guarantee the highest hygienic requirements. We also guarantee a stress-free vacation for all guests who are afraid of dogs.

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