Hotel Jonathan

Measures for your safety

We guarantee you the highest safety standards to make your stay as relaxing as possible!

In this period of extraordinary challenges, it is our primary concern to ensure our guests’ absolute safety during their stay at our hotel. We guarantee to meet the highest standards of hygiene as well as strict safety regulations in all areas.

The major advantages of the Jonathan, always highly appreciated by our guests, are currently of special importance to your safety and a carefree holiday enjoyment.

Our advantages...
  • Hotel Jonathan is a protected oasis of peace idyllicaly located on the southern edge of the small village centre of Natz
  • Plenty of space in the hotel. Offering only 33 rooms, the Jonathan is a spacious holiday hotel for a small number of guests
  • The magnificent panoramic terrace as well as the garden equipped with an outdoor swimming pool provide you lots of space and freedom. All our guests will find their favourite spot in the sunshine – always keeping a generous safety distance.
  • Guided biking tours in small groups.
  • In our spacious dining rooms as well as on the panoramic terrace, the own table and a generous safety margin may be easily ensured to every room.
  • We guarantee to meet the highest standards of hygiene, starting from the preparation of meals and drinks to service.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are available at all entrances and at the buffet.

The current situation

Our cancellation policy
Fürstnergasse 21
39040 Natz-Schabs
South Tyrol