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E-Mountain bike

If your condition does not permit you to face a mountain bike tour, you can choose one of our electric mountain bikes in order to discover an amazing bike tour world.
With your partner or with your friends: the electric mountain bikes are perfect for tours with partners of friends with different condition levels.
The e-MTB offer also a sport design and all features of the true mountain bike. The are used also by expert bikers and with the high-quality e-MTB by Scott, which can be rented in Hotel Jonathan with fair hire fees, the expert bikers increase their distances.

Altough it is easier with the e-MTB, to have the greatest fun and to guarantee your safety, we recommend the tour programme with Toni. Obviously we have a special programme dedicated to MTB tours.

Guided tour + e-MTB rental, 65 € p.p. 
e-MTB rental/day: 41 € p.p.
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